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Affiliate Members Global Report: Volume thirteen - The Power of Youth Travel
Youth travel has become one of the fastest growing segments of international tourism, representing more than 23% of the over one billion tourists traveling internationally each year. This growth represents tremendous socioeconomic opportunities for local communities as youth travellers stimulate...
Affiliate Members Global Report: Volume twelve - Cultural Routes and Itineraries
The UNWTO Affiliate Members Global Report, Volume 12 on Cultural Routes and Itineraries is a joint publication with Affiliate Member, Agencia de Turismo de Las Islas Baleares (ATB). The report highlights current trends in cultural tourism providing insight on how cultural routes and itineraries...
Affiliate Members Global Reports, Volume sixteen – Second Global Report on Gastronomy Tourism
In 2012, UNWTO Affiliate Members Programme launched the Global Report on Food Tourism outlining the state of gastronomy tourism. The report presented various examples of tourism and gastronomy professionals with extensive experience in international organizations, destination management, in both...
Affiliate Members Report Volume Seventeen – Report on Gastronomy Tourism: The Case of Japan
Together with the UNWTO Affiliate Members Programme, Affiliate Members Gurunavi and Japan Travel and Tourism Association are launching the Affiliate Members Report Volume 17 - Report on Gastronomy Tourism: The Case of Japan.  The Affiliate Members Report Volume 17 - Report on Gastronomy...
AM Report No.5 Global Report on Aviation: Responding to the needs of new tourism markets and destinations
The exponential growth in international tourism arrivals seen over recent decades wouldn’t have been possible without the innovation and expansion of the air transport industry, which today accounts for more than half of cross-border tourist arrivals worldwide.  Over the next twenty years,...
AM Reports: Volume ten - Global Benchmarking for City Tourism Measurement
The Global Benchmarking for City Tourism Measurement Report studies the importance of measurement tools for cities, as many of them become incresingly interested not only in monitoring and evaluating their tourism performance but also acknowledging the economic impact it has, as well its social and...
Chinese Outbound Travel to the Middle East and North Africa Chinese Outbound Travel to the Middle East and North Africa
Over the last decade, China has grown to become the first tourism source market in the world with US$ 102 billion spend on travel abroad. While Asia and the Pacific, Europe and the Americas lead as the main destination regions for Chinese travelers, the growth in the Middle East and North Africa (...
Global Report on Adventure Tourism
The Global Report on Adventure Travel offers a thorough, insightful analysis of the current and future adventure travel sector.  It providing global trends, the current sector structure on a significant growing market, potential benefits, risks and sector challenges.  ...
Global Report on City Tourism
The Report is based on a wide-ranging study carried out by the UNWTO Affiliate Members Programme among 21 of the world’s most-visited cities, providing insight into their urban tourism strategies and priorities. These 21 cities represent an international reference in urban tourism.
Global Report on Public-Private Partnerships: Tourism Development
We are pleased to present this edition of the UNWTO Affiliate Members Global Report series on the topic “Public-Private Partnerships: Tourism Development.’’ Jointly published with our valued Affiliate Member, Griffith Institute for Tourism, the Report seeks to highlight the role and...