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06 Feb 18
UNWTO.TedQual Certification - Ammon Applied University College
The UNWTO.TedQual Programme is pleased to announce that the following Tourism Education Programm at Ammon Applied University College, Jordan, has been awarded the UNWTO.TedQual Certification:...
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19 Jan 18
Middle East & North Africa tourism consolidates recovery
Organized by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and Casa Árabe, the public consortium headed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the event focused on current trends and short term...
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15 Jan 18
2017 International Tourism Results: the highest in seven years
Based on data reported by destinations around the world, it is estimated that international tourist arrivals (overnight visitors) worldwide increased 7% in 2017. This is well above the sustained and...
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15 Dec 17
UNWTO International Network of Sustainable Tourism Observatories annual meeting discusses how to measure tourism impacts at local level
The event started with an Observatory Mentoring Breakfast, in which INSTO Members shared experiences with interested destinations. It was followed by two days of experience sharing on regular...
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14 Dec 17
Southern and Mediterranean Europe, North Africa and the Middle East drive tourism growth through October 2017
The strong tourism demand of the earlier months of 2017, including the Northern Hemisphere summer peak season, was maintained through October. Destinations worldwide received a total of 1,127 million...